Luxury Seaview VillasSantisook

The villas at Santisook vary in scale and layout. The exterior of each villa have an almost similar and identical appearance. Terracotta roof tiles and cream color coat are used to make each villa blend perfectly with the natural setting, is suitable to the tropical climate and gives the estate a fresh and uniform look. Plot owners may have their own architectural plans designed or they may use pre-designed plans. The available pre-designed plans can be modified, enhanced, or altered to suit the owner’s need and preference to build a beautiful, multi functional and cozy home.

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Villa F

700 sq.m. built-in space

Villa E2

290 sq.m. built-in space

Villa E

350 sq.m. built-in space

Villa A

320 sq.m. built-in space

Villa C

252 sq.m. built-in space

Villa E1

114 sq.m. built-in space

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